Global Explorer Program

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With seven SEMICON events held around the world in every major microelectronics manufacturing region, SEMI provides you opportunities to reach new customers in new markets and expand your brand – and your sales – globally!

SEMI is now making it easier for SEMI members to explore new markets through the new SEMICON Global Explorer Program.

The SEMICON Global Explorer Program rewards SEMI member exhibitors with a 25% discount on exhibit space when you exhibit at an additional SEMICON event in 2016/2017. Even if you are already exhibiting at multiple SEMICON events, you may qualify for the 25% discount at each new added SEMICON exhibit space.


  • This offer applies to SEMI members only 
  • Qualifying exhibitors must have exhibited in at least one other SEMICON event in 2017 or 2018
  • The program discount will be applied to the new/added event(s) only
  • The exhibiting company must register under the same company name in order to receive the discount
  • Must provide discount code: EXPLORER25 when submitting application (discount is not available after an application has already been submitted)

Additional Program Rules:

  • The discount is not transferable to distributors, partners, sister companies, or subsidiaries
  • The discount can only be used one per each new/added event
  • The discount applies only to the exhibit floor space and is not inclusive of any decoration package or other services

Frequently Asked Questions (317KB PDF)
Download SEMICON Global Explorer Program flyer (PDF)